Judge Guilty Sentenced Asmadinata Disappointed “Dissenting Opinion”

Asmadinata , obtaining bribery case defendant has been found guilty by a panel of judges Semarang Corruption Court . He was sentenced to five years and a criminal fine of Rp 200 million subsidiary of two confinement .

However, Asmadinata still mind and judge ruling against him strange . The verdict was read in court on Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) it does not consider the facts in the trial .

" I am here affirmed that decision dissenting opinion ( DO ) or a different opinion is not wrong . A judge is given the authority and it is guaranteed by law . I DO ‘s rights and legitimate rights according to the rules , " said the judge after a consideration commenting Asmadinata listen to the verdict at the detention room Semarang Corruption Court on Tuesday .

According to the former Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Darmawangsa , Medan , a judge can do anything creative in determining the verdict . Decisions taken by a different judge could not be assessed right or wrong , because it was right as the court .

" The judge could decide anything , could also free , " he explained .

Defendant’s legal counsel , Joseph Parera added, it claimed to have known that his client will be found guilty . Guess it’s because since the beginning of the reading of the verdict , the prosecutor at the Commission already smiling .

" Prosecutors from the beginning has been smiling at the introductory assembly with Heru said Kartini Marpaung and defendant . Well , if you have this , Mr. Asthma definitely hit this , " Parera guess .

Parera also mengkiritik consideration in deciding the defendant judges . For him , the decision of the DO who had thought his client was not to blame . The defendant also not be taking Asmadinata DO and choose to punish defendants who attempted to bribe M Yaeni , with criminal 2 years and five months in prison .

" It’s a strange decision . DO verdict was not so taken into consideration . Decisions clearly outlines the role of Kartini and Heru , but defendant did not exist at all . The judge told participate on August 17 , when the date of August 14, 2014 had left for Malaysia , "protested the lawyer Semarang .

He also still think that the considerations that led the judges judge Dwiarso Budi Santiarto it wrong . The evidence , consideration of a law that says the defendant participate receive , can not be accepted . Because there is no follow-up or an attempt by the defendant to ask for a bribe of Heru Kisbandono rations and Kartini Marpaung .

"If you want to follow up , it should ask for the contact he added. Heru also in the trial had no contact Asthma . So , how to get in touch , let alone take part , " he added .

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In this case , the judge assesses Asmadinata guilty of violating the provisions of Article 12, Clause C of Law No. 31 of 1999 as amended and replaced by Law No. 20 of 2001 in conjunction with Article 55 ( 1 ) of the Criminal Code to - 1 . Three elements in the article , the judge accepts a gift or pledge and commit or participate in committing a crime , are met .


UN Condemns Widespread riots in South Sudan

United Nations ( UN ) condemned the clashes antaretnis that are still happening in South Sudan . The UN called the attack that hurt hundreds of civilians as targeted killings .

Quoted in Al - Jazeera , on Monday , 21 April 2014 , his Twitter account late , Toby Lanzer , the UN office for humanitarian affairs in South Sudan booted on Sunday night , April 20th, 2014, that violence has occurred in this African soil . Many execution victims body lying casually on the streets of the City of Bentiu .

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Lanzer added , some relating to the opposition even use the FM radio station to broadcast hate speech in the city that makes the atmosphere more heat .

Currently, nearly all walks of life to flee into the UN headquarters . ” Last week , some 5,000 civilians who evacuated. Now it reached 22 thousand , ” Lanzer said . ( Read : South Sudan UN headquarters raided , 20 Killed )

Yaang clashes break since last December has killed at least a thousand people. A total of more than 1 million people also left their homes during the breakup from happening between President Salva Kiir loyal supporters and loyalists of Vice President Riek Machar , who was fired .


Kiai Java Support Prabowo-Mahfud

Kiai East Java , Central Java and West Java will hold Halaqah scholars in Pondok Pesantren Al Aziziyah , Denanyar , Jombang , East Java . The goal , to accommodate the aspirations of the candidate will support Gerindra Prabowo and Mahfud MD .

" Since long ago we had plans to hold the annual haul of routine clerical . Simultaneously there is a push from the clergy to organize halaqa , " said Al Aziziyah KH Caregivers Ponpes Aziz Mashuri .

Motion of support for the implementation of the program more widespread at lower levels . Because driven kiyais East and Central Java .

Like KH Abdul Jalil Nawawi ( Sidogiri ) , KH Miftahul Achyar ( Rois Syuriah PWNU jatim ) , KH Maimoon Zubair ( Apex , Java) , KH Hanif Muslih ( Mranggen ) , KH Ahmad Badawi ( Holy ) , KH Salahuddin Wahid ( Tebuireng , Jombang ) , KH Aziz Mansur ( Jombang ) , KH Dimyati ( Peterongan ) , KH Anwar Iskandar ( Kediri ) , and KH Nuruddin A Rahman ( Bangkalan ) .

" The scholars who incidentally has a great influence on the grassroots wanted convening the event , to discuss election -related preparations . Included to represent the aspirations of the scholars who want Mahfud as one of the potential NU to pair up with Prabowo , " he said .

Meanwhile , MMD director Masduki Baidlowi Initiative confirmed the meeting between Mahfud MD and Bakrie ( Ical ) in Bali , Saturday ( 19/4 ) .

According to him , the meeting was part of a reasonable political communication conducted by the party leaders . Given Mahfud also a presidential candidate to be promoted PKB in the upcoming presidential election .

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Masduki added , there is no political agreement at the meeting Mahfud and Ical .


The Japanese, who Petite But How Many distended, Yes!

Overall the amount of fat and muscle mass can indeed be seen physically. But do not fall for the physical, due to certain conditions slim obese people who also happen to large belly circumference.

As disclosed expert Herbalife nutrition and obesity, Dr. Rocio Medina, MD, that fat in the body is sometimes difficult to predict. He also gave an example of Japanese society that the majority of skinny but obese.

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"Japan is famous for obesity rates to the lowest level in the world., But they should not be happy because research shows they have a number of the world’s most widely abdominal obesity. This is what fat inside," said Rocio when a media briefing on the Herbalife health tour event in Senayan City , Jakarta, Saturday (19/04/2014).

Rocio revealed, as in Japanese Asians consume too many carbohydrates such as rice and noodles and fatty or fried foods. So although a small body, but no fat in it.

"If you eat too much rice, noodles and definitely fat in your body fat," he explained.

Rocio resume, why fats have an important role in the obesity epidemic. He reveals, fat can produce a type of protein called cytokines that can make cells that are covered seluh fat does not work. This makes a person may be exposed to the heart, clogged bloodstream, liver disorders, kidney disorders and problems in muscle mass.

"In order to avoid obesity, you can measure the circumference of the abdomen. Those women and men up to a maximum of 88 centimeters 102 centimeters. No matter how high you are, it can be a benchmark measure of obesity," he said.


TK JIS case, Police Suspect Sita stick from

Police search home Agun Iskandar , 25, suspected cases of sexual harassment against students Kindergarten Jakarta International School ( JIS ) on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 . ( Read : Hotman Paris : Peacekeeping JIS equivalents Presidential Palace )

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"There are two police cars coming that night, " said Tommy Jayadi , Chief RT in the village of Old Parigi , Pondok Aren , South Tangerang , on Thursday , 17 April 2014 . During the search, according to Jayadi , policies do not carry anything from the house Agun , except for a flash disk.

In the house, Agun staying with family size. House painted purple and has a four-door fenced . According Jayadi , Agun stay there next to his brother . ( Read : Suspect Known pedophiles TK Quiet JIS )

Jayadi said Agun recognize as an introvert . Agun also rarely get together with local people . Neighbors Agun , Sopiana , 43, said the new find contact Agun cases of abuse of television . ” Agun men calmly , enggak many fanciful , ” he said. During this time, Agun also never interacted with the children in the province.


Police foils smuggling Sebatik 1 Kg Sabu by Malaysians

Police Sebatik , Nunukan , North Borneo thwart smuggling shabu weighing 1 kilogram by Malaysian citizens through traditional port Sebatik Island .

The plan of methamphetamine hidden in the box with the phone will be sent to the city of Tarakan with regular speedboat Sebatik majors , Tarakan .

Nunukan Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Robert Silindur Pangaribuan said , these actors attempt to trick the officer by using a speed boat from the bustle of arrival and departure speedboat Tawau to Tarakan .

"It’s docks Mosquito River , at 13:20 pm . They use speed boat from Tawau to Mosquito River . And they are waiting for the same clock speed boat departure from the Mosquito River to Tarakan . Their busy schedules take a speed boat that came and went . But our police and police Sebatik swiftly and caught him. "Said Robert Silindur Pangaribuan , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

Two actors who attempt to smuggle meth from Malaysia through the port Sebatik certainly is a citizen of Malaysia . Disinyalisasi , this is not the first time they smuggle methamphetamine from Tawau to Tarakan by using mass transportation department beupa Sebatik Island speed boat to Tarakan .

" The two actors are Malaysian citizens . Initials H , and a 30 -year , 18 years . We are still steeped in the A , if he was involved directly or as what ? Likely already frequent . Again we are still steeped in the network linkages with other regions . We indicated Nunukan only area of ​​the track . ‘s will be sent to the other territory . Perhaps the first step first , Tarakan , "said Robert .

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Currently, more Robert , Nunukan Police officers continue to arrest citizens of Malaysia -related development in smuggling 1 kilogram of methamphetamine . Contribute secured evidence in the form of 1 kilogram of methamphetamine , 500 ringgit money , duffel bags , IC and Leysen ( SIM ) of a suspect . ” We still go into, ” said Robert Silindur Pangaribuan .


Ditch the fuss about, and Ridwan Marzuki Fighting to Critical

Two residents in the District Pasangkayu , Produktion North , West Sulawesi , engaged in a duel using machetes . A fight broke out because of a sewer problem is corked .

The fight began when Ridwan ( 45 ) were furious when he learned the gutter in front of his house was clogged with large wood pieces by Marzuki ( 47 ) . With smoldering emotions , Ridwan Marzuki came carrying a machete .

Dian , son Marzuki , judging fights trivial issues that triggered their parents . ” Mr. Ridwan offended because that father reprimanded wooden clog the gutter in front of his house appointed for making gutters clogged . But he was not accepted until the tails fight , ” said Dian after the incident , on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

KOMPAS.Com Two neighbors in northern Sulawesi Mmauju western duel to critical and was rushed to the hospital because of clogged gutters .
Noise of the fight was cash invite the attention of some local people . The argument ensued . They were yelling at each other , before finally making physical contact and collapsed together .

Not long after , both collapsed and was rushed to a nearby hospital . Marzuki was severely injured due to a number of machete blows . While Ridwan was hit by the beam collapsed .

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Police officers Pasangkayu sector directly to the scene and to secure some evidence in the form of a long machete used Ridwan slashed , and a beam that is used Marzuki defensively .


Well Identify the Aims Phedopelia Children

PHEDOPELIA a sex criminals who prey on children under age . You as a parent should be careful and recognize the signs of the perpetrator . Like what ?
Seto Mulyadi as observers and provide a number of child psychologists who signs people who suffer phedopelia .

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" Parents need to be careful and keep an eye on the children of people with phedopelia . There are some specific signs that can be recognized , one of which looked at the child with a look of lust , as well as being strange to the children , for example, love too deep or like groping sex organs of children, " he told Okezone via telephone connection , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 .
Not only that , people who have mental disorders also tend to have sexual disorientation . Because they do not have a clear reason to do something .
" People who have the disorder or mental illness also have to be careful . Parents should be alert to the street vendors at the school , officials also clean. The boy was it funny and adorable sometimes they become targets of those who want to have sex , " he said .

In addition , he is familiarly called Kak Seto also explained that the child is a little man who is weak and often abused by adults .
" The boy was small and frail man . She is helpless if someone hurt him , most just scared and crying . If an adult it is able to rebel and be assertive . But if they are , there is always a victim , " he concluded .


Democrats voice down, How Fate Convention Participants

JAKARTA - Acquisition of the Democrat Party’s version of a quick count in the 2014 legislative elections collapsed . Party made ​​by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) just to get votes , or approximately 10 percent jump from the target of 15 percent . What is the fate of the presidential candidates of the Democratic Convention ?

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Committee member Democratic Convention Febrianti Vera said , the decision to stay or authority dismissed the convention is the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party .

However, Vera hope the Democrats can accept the fact that the votes that will not be able to carry the presidential candidate of the convention attendees .

" We are still awaiting the decision of the upper house . Whether to continue or not , we wait for the decision Pak SBY . Seeing the results of the vote, must accept the reality that the PD has not been able to lift the presidential candidate , " Vera said while talking to Okezone .

According to him , it could be the presidential candidate of the Convention transferred into a vice-presidential candidate . With the fourth , the winner of the 2009 elections the party could only propose candidates for vice president if the coalition .

" The participants of this convention ‘s obvious competence , could be proposed to be elected vice president . Convention could open up opportunities there , " he said .

However, Vera calling convention of the presidential candidates keep doing itinerary dissemination to the public as specified . Vera admitted , not a single participant who resign or leave the convention .

" They’re still running with its own agenda , it’s already scheduled . Anyway this is not the final outcome of the Commission ‘s decision , still from a quick count , " he said .


Israel Threatens to Disconnect Palestine Mobile Access Service

Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology Palestinians will file a complaint in the event the International Telecommunication Union to Israel’s decision recently . Israel imposed sanctions on the Palestinian mobile phone service .

His remarks came in response to Israeli threats to shut down access to mobile phone services after the Palestinian Authority submitted a letter to the convention ratified 15 international treaties .

” Deputy Ministry Palestine , Solomon Zuheri , said Israeli sanctions would impede Palestinian economic development programs considering an important means for the telecommunication ekoomi development , ” Maan News Agency report said .

Among the proposed sanction Israel over the Palestinian field of telecommunication equipment telecommunication service by moving from the Gaza Strip as well as the denial of 3G internet service entry to Palestine .

Israel has long rejected the Palestinian requests for Internet service providers pengoperasikan 3G , but it has given new signs that Israel will give up .

Palestinian officials plan to bring the issue to the agency sanction Israel ‘s UN International Telecommunication Union is responsible for the global information technology .

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The move comes amid a broader kerasaan happened in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians that followed Israel’s refusal to release fourth veteran Palestinian prisoners as promised as part of confidence-building measures for the resumption of peace talks mediated by the United States .