Apple Introduces 2 New OS, iOS 8 & X Park at WWDC 2014

Apple since Monday, June 2 held an annual event called the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, USA. This annual event, featuring a variety of products made by the company’s newest flagship of the late Steve Jobs.

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One of the highlights is, Apple announced its latest OS, the iOS 8, with various latest features. As reported phonearena, Thursday (05/06/2014) that the new features of the Apple technology development including development of interactive notifications, the addition of new birds eye wiew for iPad, access the message menu, bookmark and read the list of the other.

iOS 8 is also used as a support for writing quickly because there is a feature called Quick Type. With these features, the iOS 8 can predict what will be written by the users. There is another, no less attractive features namely, HealthKit, a health monitoring application. The advantage, users can find out the disease, health and blood sugar levels suffered.

Meanwhile, Apple’s flagship product is displayed in addition to iOS 8, at the WWDC 2014 event is to introduce OS X Park. Hannya course, this is still application development and testing is done to make it more perfect.

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However, as quoted by CNET, this Yosemite OS X, brings a new design that can be used to connect a PC operating system with Iphone mobile devices through synchronization. Right now, OS X Yosemite is still in beta. In the event, Apple has not informed when iOS 8 and X Yosemite will be updated.


Add Bekasi Station Train Travel in June

Station Bekasi , West Java , immediately add the train itinerary from local stations to a number of areas began in June 2014 .

" The addition of 51 scheduled departures to 58 destinations , " said Chief of Station Bekasi Teguh Boediono , in Jakarta, Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

According to him , the addition of the itinerary was made in order to improve services for passengers .

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" In early June , we will add the train departure schedule . Additions to this schedule needs to be done because the number of passengers continues to increase , " he said .

According to him , adding that the train departure will make train travel Commuter Line to seven minutes or so , from the previous 10 minutes.

" For the moment , the train departs every 10 minutes , but starting next week the scheduled departure time will be faster . Hopefully this service can spoil the user trains , " he said .

True to say , the average number of passengers using the train from Bekasi Station 28,000 passengers per day .

" The number is even likely to increase over time . Hence , we add to the train schedule , " he said .

It hoped that the policy can minimize the impact of train travel is often delayed due to technical constraints and so on .

" Hopefully this can train departure times according to the set time , " he said .


Money Demand Overtime, Tank driver Pertamina Hundreds Strike

Approximately 150 tanker crew ( AMT ) Depo Pertamina Rewulu , Sedayu , Bantul , staged a demonstration demanding clarity overtime payments since 2012 and has not yet paid . In its action , the AMT hundreds of dozens of cars parked in the depot tank rewulu as a form of strike action .

They take action since 06.00 pm in the morning . In addition to organize action in Depo Rewulu Sedayu Bantul , hundreds AMT also jointly towards Jalan Malioboro in Yogyakarta Governor to meet Kepatihan office .

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" Business demands clarity overtime has been since 2012, but until now there has not been kepastianya , " said Dahono , coordinator of the action , when met at Hall Office Kepatihan , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

Action this time , according to Dahono , is the culmination of demands asking for clarity overtime pay AMT . If previously only in the depot , this time asking for help AMT local governments to determine the fate of the crew of the tank car .

" We’re here ( Office Kepatihan ) to complain and to ask for help to be no resolution of this issue , " he said .

He explains , AMT Rewulu Depo Pertamina , Sedayu , Bantul , working from 05:00 until 23:00 pm , but did not given overtime pay . Whereas in the absence of a written contract overtime .

" We do not want to make people uneasy . Just wanted to be certain , that it demands of us to violate the law so we thank - thank not given overtime pay , " he said .

According to him , the crew strike Pertamina car tank was also simultaneously conducted at four depots , respectively Boyolali , Madiun , Surabaya and Banyuwangi . Meanwhile , in front of hundreds of AMT , Sulistyo , Assistant Secretary of Governance and Social Welfare , representing the Governor of Yogyakarta , promised to facilitate and resolve the problems of the crew .

However, it needs to be done to finish the discussion with several parties that do not violate the rules .

" Our problem is also your problem . Having been handed over to the local government then we will finish , you do the work as usual while waiting for the results , " he said .


Residents Dengue Attack Boyolali

Four Residents Kerep Hamlet , Village Tegalsari , District Karanggede , Boyolali , tested positive for dengue fever . The disease attacked the people in the transition season happened today.

Chief Medical Officer Boyolali Yulianto Prabowo said the reports coming to him there are dozens of people hit by dengue fever . However , after a search , only four positive people suffering from dengue fever , while others only experience symptoms similar to the disease .

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He said the four men are now in intensive care by a team of District Health Office Boyolali . ” Already we take action to the people who tested positive for the DB , hopefully get better soon , ” he said .

He said , in addition to intensive care for the victims , it is also going to perform fumigation in a local village . With the fogging , mosquito chain will be the spreader of the disease may be terminated . Thus , the number of casualties can be minimized by quickly . ” Fumigation will be carried out next Tuesday , ” he added .

It is also hoped that people play an active role to preserve their environment . It is to cultivate a clean lifestyle in the community . If you do not clean lifestyle , fumigation is carried out by the health office will not do any good.


Not sure MK Disband Parliament Banggar

The Constitutional Court will deliver a verdict related to the presence of the Budget ( Banggar ) House of Representatives , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) . Chairman of the House Budget Committee , Ahmadi Noor Supit said they were optimistic the Court will not dissolve Banggar as one of the fittings of DPR institutions .

" We are confident that the Court may not grant the applicant demands to dissolve Parliament Banggar . Because Banggar an fittings under Parliament authorized and regulated legal and law , " Ahmadi told reporters in Parliament House Complex in Senayan , Jakarta , Thursday ( 22 / 5/2014 ) .

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Golkar Party politician said , if the Constitutional Court dissolved the Banggar , the same Constitutional rights reduce the authority of Parliament in determining the budget . He also argues , the state ‘s financial budgeting would be dangerous if the House is not involved .

However, Ahmadi mengataka , the agency open to criticism and corrected by the community if Banggar considered to have authority is too broad and big . Banggar , he said , could be discussed again about the authority .

Previously , the State Treasury rescue Advocacy Team filed a judicial review against many of the provisions contained in the State Finance Law and the Law of the MPR , DPR , DPD and DPRD -related competencies of the House Budget Committee . They argue , leaks occur because state money already terlembaganya elite institutions designed to hijack public funds .


Northern Territory Emergency in Nigeria Extended

Parliament Nigeria , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) , agreed on the extension of emergency for six months in three states in the northeast who are victims of violent militant groups .

Senators unanimously approved the extension of state of emergency in parts of Adamawa , Borno and Yobe . Previous Nigerian lower chamber also decided the same thing .

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Some time ago , Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan asked parliament to extend the emergency period after the violence that occurred in the three states continued.

The Nigerian government decreed a state of emergency since May 14, 2013 , as part of an effort to quell militant group Boko Haram who broke since 2009 .

Thousands of military personnel deployed in the three states. The military imposed a curfew and tightened security , including mobile phone networks cut to prevent Boko Haram coordinated attacks .

This effort could reap positive results and were able to beat back the army from urban Boko Haram . However , Boko Haram to continue its action in a way guerilla in rural areas and forests .

Parliamentary decision to extend the state of emergency is actually not surprising , especially this year alone Boko Haram has killed at least 2,000 people , mostly civilians .

At the sidelines of the passage of the extension of the emergency , the senators menyambuut Nigeria said they both support the international community in the rescue operation about 200 schoolgirls abducted on April 14, Boko Haram ago .

The senators also asked President Jonathan , who criticized slow to deal with the kidnapping, to expand cooperation and collaboration to eradicate all related to acts of terrorism in Nigeria .


Let’s Observe, “Sibling” The sun appears from Indonesia Tonight

A few days ago , astronomers announced that they had discovered a star that is a ” sibling ” of the sun . Star called HD 126 826 was within 110 light years , or 1.04 quadrillion kilometers .

Amateur astronomers , Ma’rufin Sudibyo , say , the star can be seen tonight and throughout the month can be seen from Indonesia . ” This star can be seen from Indonesia since about 9 pm until morning , on the north side of the sky , ” he said .

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Ma’rufin revealed , there are three main requirements for Indonesian citizens can see this star . Absolute requirement is having or using binoculars . This star is too faint to see with the naked eye .

The second condition , choose a place that is dark enough for observation . ” ( The star ) can not be seen from the urban or city environments , such as small towns , especially Jakarta , ” he said when contacted , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Place that can be selected is that not much experience of light pollution , for example, rural or beaches that have not been developed as a tourist attraction . Many of the beaches in the south of Java still allows the site of observation .

Ownership map of the sky or astronomical software such as Stellarium and Starry Night is another requirement . Maps or software that will help determine the location of the observer .

HD 126 826 or 87 382 also called HIP catalog of other stars will be visible in the northern sky . Precisely , the star is on the left of the star Vega , the brightest star in the constellation Lyra .

" Rasinya easily searchable . At the time , just look to the northern sky , the Milky Way galaxy identification sash , then look for the brightest star on her left side , the star Vega . Nah , the HIP 87 382 is not far from the constellation , " said Ma’rufin .

HD 126 826 is not really a new star . However , through the orbit measurement and chemical analysis by spectrometric methods , astronomers discovered that the star was born from the same cloud of gas to the sun .

HD 126 826 is the name of the name of Henry Draper Catalogue . Meanwhile , HIP 87 282 is the name of the Hipparcos catalog . Map of the sky or astronomical software used to use one of the two names.


2014 Last Election To PM Fatwa

Member of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) elected RI Jakarta origin, Andi Mappetahang (AM) Fatwa, said he would not run for re-election to the legislature in 2019.

"The second term of office as a member of the DPD will be my last service in the legislature. Given his advanced age, I will not run for re-election to the legislature in 2019," said the politician was born February 12, 1939, Friday (2 / 5).

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The fatwa was grateful to God, they are entrusted by the community as a member of DKI Jakarta DPD. “Thank God, people still believe in my city for the second time a member of the DPD,” said Fatwa.

Willingness to become a member of the DPD for the second time, said Fatwa, based on sincere intentions in order to service as political and charity provision in the future. “I’ve been twice a member of House of Representatives’ (DPR) RI and is currently the second time a member of the DPD,” said Fatwa.

New Face DPD

Three of the four members of the DPD period 2014 from DKI Jakarta, bright Fatwa, are new faces and still young. All three figures it would still energetic, fresh and potentially further improving the effectiveness of DPD members.

Moreover, according to the Fatwa, two of whom are academics, namely Dailami Aziz Firdaus and Hafiah, while the other one is Fahira Idris, ie, a woman activist, businessman and community leader.

"I warmly welcome the election of new faces in the Council, as it will be a partner, as a fellow member senator from Jakarta Province. There are also candidates who have not been lucky DPD, such as press figures, Parni Hadi, seoga still be struggling with- DPD same, "said Fatwa.


Red chili Price Drops , Traders No Longer mix

Red chili prices in the market had soared to $ 90 thousand per kg a few weeks ago .
With this increase , the traders also look for a way to lower the price , one of them with a red chili pepper mengoplos with white chili pepper .

Now , as the decline in the price of red chili pepper , traditional market traders eliminate the habits .

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Nurhayati ( 45 ) Market Traders Kebayoran Lama said , now he is no longer mengoplos red chili chili pepper with white pepper . The reason , the purchase price reduction makes chili also improved .

" It was because the already good . Commonly yes already bought 2 kg 2 kg behind purchasing . Not like yesterday , " he said in Jakarta , Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) .

Currently , red chili pepper sold for Rp 25 thousand per kg . Where , the initial price of the trader obtained the Sacred Teak Market Master for Rp 16 thousand per kg .

The same thing is also said Supriyatun ( 31 ) . Repurchase price reduction makes improved .

When a red cayenne peppers expensive , he said consumers are only able to buy in the range of 1 ounce to 1/2 kg .
"If there are mixed expensive , if not later can not benefit . Least a ratio of 1 kg of red pepper 1/4 white . Already good now , which already buy 1 to 1.5 kg , " he explained .


NasDem : Vice President Jokowi Announced After May 9

Party General Secretary Patrice Rio Capella said NasDem announcements vice presidential candidate for the companion Joko Widodo made ​​after the counting of votes of the General Election Commission on May 9, later .

According to Rio , NasDem party will be involved in the announcement of the declaration at the same time . ” Because there is agreement that was announced together , ” Rio said when contacted on his cell phone , Wednesday, April 30, 2014 .

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According to Rio , deliberately made ​​the announcement at the time that the coalition focus recapitulation oversee the ongoing legislative elections . He believes there will be no announcement before the Commission announced a companion Jokowi sound calculations . ” Moreover, Mr. Surya Paloh Umrah after the establishment of a new home , ” he said .

NasDem , as a member of the coalition proposed a number of names to accompany Jokowi . One is Jusuf Kalla , former Vice President . The proposal also came from internal NasDem in regions such as South Sulawesi . Internal information of a party made ​​mention NasDem Surya Paloh it was made proposing JK , Jusuf Kalla ‘s nickname as a companion Jokowi . They form a winning team because the proposal was given the green light from the PDIP .

But Rio argued until now did not know the identity of the candidate companion Jokowi . He justifies his party proposed a number of names including Kalla , but the decision to submit the full all the PDI-P as coalition leader .

" Please just use it or not , we were not coercive because it would complicate the coalition . If our proposal is not used , it does not matter , it will not break the coalition , " he said .