Police foils smuggling Sebatik 1 Kg Sabu by Malaysians

Police Sebatik , Nunukan , North Borneo thwart smuggling shabu weighing 1 kilogram by Malaysian citizens through traditional port Sebatik Island .

The plan of methamphetamine hidden in the box with the phone will be sent to the city of Tarakan with regular speedboat Sebatik majors , Tarakan .

Nunukan Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Robert Silindur Pangaribuan said , these actors attempt to trick the officer by using a speed boat from the bustle of arrival and departure speedboat Tawau to Tarakan .

"It’s docks Mosquito River , at 13:20 pm . They use speed boat from Tawau to Mosquito River . And they are waiting for the same clock speed boat departure from the Mosquito River to Tarakan . Their busy schedules take a speed boat that came and went . But our police and police Sebatik swiftly and caught him. "Said Robert Silindur Pangaribuan , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

Two actors who attempt to smuggle meth from Malaysia through the port Sebatik certainly is a citizen of Malaysia . Disinyalisasi , this is not the first time they smuggle methamphetamine from Tawau to Tarakan by using mass transportation department beupa Sebatik Island speed boat to Tarakan .

" The two actors are Malaysian citizens . Initials H , and a 30 -year , 18 years . We are still steeped in the A , if he was involved directly or as what ? Likely already frequent . Again we are still steeped in the network linkages with other regions . We indicated Nunukan only area of ​​the track . ‘s will be sent to the other territory . Perhaps the first step first , Tarakan , "said Robert .

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Currently, more Robert , Nunukan Police officers continue to arrest citizens of Malaysia -related development in smuggling 1 kilogram of methamphetamine . Contribute secured evidence in the form of 1 kilogram of methamphetamine , 500 ringgit money , duffel bags , IC and Leysen ( SIM ) of a suspect . ” We still go into, ” said Robert Silindur Pangaribuan .


Ditch the fuss about, and Ridwan Marzuki Fighting to Critical

Two residents in the District Pasangkayu , Produktion North , West Sulawesi , engaged in a duel using machetes . A fight broke out because of a sewer problem is corked .

The fight began when Ridwan ( 45 ) were furious when he learned the gutter in front of his house was clogged with large wood pieces by Marzuki ( 47 ) . With smoldering emotions , Ridwan Marzuki came carrying a machete .

Dian , son Marzuki , judging fights trivial issues that triggered their parents . ” Mr. Ridwan offended because that father reprimanded wooden clog the gutter in front of his house appointed for making gutters clogged . But he was not accepted until the tails fight , ” said Dian after the incident , on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

KOMPAS.Com Two neighbors in northern Sulawesi Mmauju western duel to critical and was rushed to the hospital because of clogged gutters .
Noise of the fight was cash invite the attention of some local people . The argument ensued . They were yelling at each other , before finally making physical contact and collapsed together .

Not long after , both collapsed and was rushed to a nearby hospital . Marzuki was severely injured due to a number of machete blows . While Ridwan was hit by the beam collapsed .

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Police officers Pasangkayu sector directly to the scene and to secure some evidence in the form of a long machete used Ridwan slashed , and a beam that is used Marzuki defensively .


Well Identify the Aims Phedopelia Children

PHEDOPELIA a sex criminals who prey on children under age . You as a parent should be careful and recognize the signs of the perpetrator . Like what ?
Seto Mulyadi as observers and provide a number of child psychologists who signs people who suffer phedopelia .

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" Parents need to be careful and keep an eye on the children of people with phedopelia . There are some specific signs that can be recognized , one of which looked at the child with a look of lust , as well as being strange to the children , for example, love too deep or like groping sex organs of children, " he told Okezone via telephone connection , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 .
Not only that , people who have mental disorders also tend to have sexual disorientation . Because they do not have a clear reason to do something .
" People who have the disorder or mental illness also have to be careful . Parents should be alert to the street vendors at the school , officials also clean. The boy was it funny and adorable sometimes they become targets of those who want to have sex , " he said .

In addition , he is familiarly called Kak Seto also explained that the child is a little man who is weak and often abused by adults .
" The boy was small and frail man . She is helpless if someone hurt him , most just scared and crying . If an adult it is able to rebel and be assertive . But if they are , there is always a victim , " he concluded .


Democrats voice down, How Fate Convention Participants

JAKARTA - Acquisition of the Democrat Party’s version of a quick count in the 2014 legislative elections collapsed . Party made ​​by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) just to get votes , or approximately 10 percent jump from the target of 15 percent . What is the fate of the presidential candidates of the Democratic Convention ?

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Committee member Democratic Convention Febrianti Vera said , the decision to stay or authority dismissed the convention is the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party .

However, Vera hope the Democrats can accept the fact that the votes that will not be able to carry the presidential candidate of the convention attendees .

" We are still awaiting the decision of the upper house . Whether to continue or not , we wait for the decision Pak SBY . Seeing the results of the vote, must accept the reality that the PD has not been able to lift the presidential candidate , " Vera said while talking to Okezone .

According to him , it could be the presidential candidate of the Convention transferred into a vice-presidential candidate . With the fourth , the winner of the 2009 elections the party could only propose candidates for vice president if the coalition .

" The participants of this convention ‘s obvious competence , could be proposed to be elected vice president . Convention could open up opportunities there , " he said .

However, Vera calling convention of the presidential candidates keep doing itinerary dissemination to the public as specified . Vera admitted , not a single participant who resign or leave the convention .

" They’re still running with its own agenda , it’s already scheduled . Anyway this is not the final outcome of the Commission ‘s decision , still from a quick count , " he said .


Israel Threatens to Disconnect Palestine Mobile Access Service

Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology Palestinians will file a complaint in the event the International Telecommunication Union to Israel’s decision recently . Israel imposed sanctions on the Palestinian mobile phone service .

His remarks came in response to Israeli threats to shut down access to mobile phone services after the Palestinian Authority submitted a letter to the convention ratified 15 international treaties .

” Deputy Ministry Palestine , Solomon Zuheri , said Israeli sanctions would impede Palestinian economic development programs considering an important means for the telecommunication ekoomi development , ” Maan News Agency report said .

Among the proposed sanction Israel over the Palestinian field of telecommunication equipment telecommunication service by moving from the Gaza Strip as well as the denial of 3G internet service entry to Palestine .

Israel has long rejected the Palestinian requests for Internet service providers pengoperasikan 3G , but it has given new signs that Israel will give up .

Palestinian officials plan to bring the issue to the agency sanction Israel ‘s UN International Telecommunication Union is responsible for the global information technology .

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The move comes amid a broader kerasaan happened in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians that followed Israel’s refusal to release fourth veteran Palestinian prisoners as promised as part of confidence-building measures for the resumption of peace talks mediated by the United States .


Pieces Cake William and Kate Behavior USD 8 Million

Piece of cake fruit flavors of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton follows the full package , auctioned at a price of 420 pounds , or about USD 8 million .

Pieces of cake sold by former employees of companies specialized packaging empire in Mansfield , Nottinghamshire .

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The company makes cans for the royal wedding in 2011 , so that guests can take home a piece of cake .

Adrian Richardson said that he was one of the employees of the company who sent a piece of cake , complete with a message from Prince Charles and his wife .

Mellors and Kirk , an auctioneer who lives in Nottingham , estimates the cake pieces can fetch between £ 50 to £ 150 .

They expressed the cake were sold to buyers from Italy for £ 420.

Similar pieces sold for more than £ 2,000 or worth Rp40 million in the United States in November 2013 .

The eight- level cake made ​​by Fiona Cairns from Leicestershire .

Designer cakes that are mandated by Prince William and Kate Click to bake the cake multilevel said he made at the Buckingham palace .


Location Search Malaysia Airlines MH370 narrowed

Location tracking signal ( ping ) derived black box flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines lost pursed into a particular area in remote ocean off the west coast of Australia , on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , after two new signals were detected .

Search team leader , Marshal Angus Houston , raised hopes on Wednesday as saying that the aircraft debris will be found within a few days even when the battery was running out of black boxes .

Agency search coordination center ( JACC ) led Houston announced on Thursday that the search area off the west coast of Australia is now narrowed to 57 923 square kilometers , or about 20,000 square kilometers down from Wednesday .

But the Australian ship , Ocean Shield , focused to do the tracking in the Indian Ocean region at 2,280 kilometers northwest of Perth where the ship has captured two new signals on Tuesday . Tracking it to match the number of transmissions that were arrested at the weekend when a search team tries to determine the proper crash zone .

So far , no debris from the missing Boeing 777 on March 8, that have been found . A large number of objects visible on the ocean surface on Wednesday , JACC said , ” but only a small number can be found . ” None of the items found were believed to be associated with the MH370 . “

Officials fear that the number of signals that initially had been arrested may not be detected anymore , especially since the battery in the black box just have a normal lifespan of about 30 days .

" I’m sure we are looking in the right areas but we need to visually identify the aircraft before we can confirm with certainty that this is the final resting place of MH370 , " Houston said .

"Hopefully, with more and more of our transmission will get a smaller area and … in a matter of days we will be able to find something in the sea bottom which may confirm that this is the final resting place of MH370 , " Houston said .

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Australian Navy Ships , Ocean Shield , captured two new signals on Tuesday that allegedly came from the black box flight on Malaysia Airlines MH370 missing . ” Ocean Shield discover new trace on a Tuesday afternoon and night time Perth , ” said Houston .


Huawei Windows Phone Still Doubt

Huawei is one of Microsoft’s partners to launch devices based on the operating system ( OS ) Windows Phone . However, companies are not overly optimistic about Windows Phone as a number of considerations , including product differentiation on price up .

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Huawei ‘s commitment to Windows Phone is not as big as Nokia , which currently dominate the market for Windows Phone . Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Device , Shao Yang , in an interview reported demurred when asked about the planned launch of the new Windows Phone handsets .
Instead , it just highlights some of the issues Microsoft’s mobile OS . According to him , one of the problems in the Windows Phone license fees are more expensive than Android , resulting in the price of mobile phones rose 10 percent . Ecosystems also participated concern .
" The main point of the third block , and Windows Phone is not as open as Android , which block the vendors to make their own innovations . So that makes all the Windows Phone look the same , and it becomes difficult to make a difference with different brands of other vendors , " said Yang , as reported by Neowin , Saturday ( 29/03/2014 ) .

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Who also complained of Nokia , which has more advantages and is expected to continue , following the purchase of the company’s business by Microsoft .

source:http://www. okezone .com/

Ikan dalam kantong,disita di bandara Bangkok

Sejak penemuan mereka yang menakjubkan dari harimau yang disembunyikan di tas penyelundup tahun 2010 , otoritas satwa liar di Bandara Internasional Thailand Suvarnabhumi telah di lookout untuk orang lain mencoba skema gila tersebut .

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Sekarang , tampaknya bahwa kewaspadaan telah dilunasi.

Kritis kura-kura terancam punah , naga air dan bahkan Paddlefish Amerika yang dapat tumbuh hingga dua meter , berada di antara daftar mengejutkan satwa liar yang penyelundup berhasil telah mencoba untuk menyelinap melewati keamanan di Bandara Internasional Suvarnabhumi sepanjang tahun ini .

Seorang pria dari Taiwan dengan Boa Constrictors , Emerald Pohon Boas , Indocina Air Dragons dan beberapa kadal dan bunglon lebih ditangkap pada awal Februari ketika ia berusaha untuk menyelundupkan 39 hewan dalam tasnya dari Thailand ke China .

Beberapa hari kemudian , seorang wisatawan Indonesia ditangkap dengan Radiated Tortoises , Indian Star Tortoises dan sejumlah kura-kura lainnya di bagasi .

Dalam kasus terbaru pada 17 Maret , satu lagi orang Indonesia tertangkap dengan lebih dari 155 ikan dalam kantong nya , termasuk selusin Paddlefish Amerika .

Kasus-kasus ini mengikuti delapan lainnya berhasil digagalkan oleh Departemen Taman Nasional , Margasatwa dan Konservasi Tanaman petugas di bandara yang sama pada tahun 2011 . Lebih dari 1.000 hewan telah ditemukan di 11 kasus dengan reptil topping daftar hewan yang diselundupkan .

Dalam tiga dari sebelas kasus sejauh ini, tersangka bepergian ke Indonesia .

Namun, jumlah tertinggi hewan yang ditemukan dalam satu kasus - lebih dari 450 orang - berada di bagasi penumpang menuju Bangladesh . Hewan-hewan , sebagian besar kura-kura , telah dimasukkan ke empat kantong yang telah ditinggalkan oleh penyelundup di bandara pada Juni 2011.

Rincian dari 2012 dan 2011 kasus tercantum di bawah ini . Namun, mereka tidak termasuk kejang yang dibuat oleh unit penegak hukum lainnya seperti Sumber Daya Alam dan Lingkungan Kejahatan Suppression Divisi Polisi Thailand , yang menemukan tujuh hewan bayi dalam tas tangan milik seorang pria dari Uni Emirat Arab .

Semua kasus yang saat ini sedang diselidiki .

 ” Daftar kejang dibaca seperti apel untuk Bahtera Nuh ilegal , ” kata TRAFFIC Asia Tenggara Direktur Regional Dr William Schaedla .

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" Otoritas satwa liar Thailand layak pujian yang tinggi untuk mencegah perdagangan satwa liar ini , dan karena kemampuan mereka untuk berurusan dengan array memusingkan hewan . Kami berharap penuntutan pelanggar akan mengikuti , " katanya .

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Can elephants Threat Value of Human Language

Elephants are capable of recognizing human pose a threat to their language and distinguish sounds from different ethnic groups , according to a new study released on Monday ( 10/3 ) . (see also: pakan burung)

The study , conducted at the Amboseli National Park in Kenya , involving several African elephant family group .
Voice recordings of two human ethnic groups that they know is played ; Maasai , who , on a regular basis with elephant conflict over access to water sources and pasture for their cattle , and Kamba - the farming lifestyle they do not pose a threat for the elephants too .

The study’s results showed elephants are more likely to exhibit behaviors persist , such as clustered and investigate the smell , the sound is played when the reaction Maasai men compared with male voice Kamba people .

Moreover , their behavior is also not too defensive in reaction to sound Maasai boys and girls compared to voice Maasai men . It shows the large -bodied animals specifically ” take into account ” the voice gender and age to determine the most threatening situation .

These results demonstrate the elephant uses voice prompts to establish the threat posed by man near them , according to Xinhua - which on Tuesday morning . The results also show a very large cognitive flexibility and differentiation capabilities are excellent, according to researchers at the University of Sussex .

" Identifying predators and assess the level of threat they present is an important capability for many wild animals , " said Professor Karen McComb , the lead author , in a statement .

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" Human predators become the most interesting challenge , because different groups of people can lead to a very different level of danger to the animals that live around them , " said McComb .

Source:http://www. republika .co.id/